NIST-JANAF Thermochemical Tables

September 6, 2018 - Search Update

Significant improvements have been made to the search functionality of the website. First, the drop-down list of atoms has been removed. This has been replaced by a text box with autocomplete capability. Simply start typing a compound name or chemical formula into the box, and all matching entries will be displayed. Matching is performed against chemical formula and subtring matching of the compound name. Results of both types of matches are displayed in the result list, with chemical formula matches presented first. Typically, a particular compound can be located with just a few keystrokes, or all compounds of a particular type (e.g. hydroxides) can be browsed by entering the proper search term. Note that the list of matches will scroll, and only 10 matches are displayed at a time. Use the arrow keys or your mouse/touchpad to navigate this list, or keep typing to refine your selection. Pressing enter on a highlighted match or clicking/tapping a matched item with your mouse/finger/stylus will take you to the corresponding JANAF Table.

The periodic table interface remains available. However, the lists of compounds that are accessed by clicking on an atom have been expanded to include any compound that contains the matching atom. Previously these lists only contained atoms matching the first atom in the formula as given in the JANAF Tables. For example, TiO2 was listed as O2Ti and was available in the "O" list, and not in the "Ti" list. With this update, TiO2 is present in both lists.

These changes should make discovery of compounds much quicker and easier.

As always, thank you for any feedback you have on the JANAF Tables. If you have any issues using the website, please contact Tom Allison (thomas [dot] allison [at] nist [dot] gov).